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Installing Windows Live

Some days ago a junior friend of mine came to me with his uncle’s brand new Laptop with Grameen Phone USB Edge modem. He tried several times to install Windows Live Messenger there. But he stopped at the very beginning of Installation procedure. At last he came to me for help.

His Laptop’s OS is Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2. Then I start the installation. But I got the error “Windows Installer is out dated.” That means I need to install a patch update.

Then I go to http://download.microsoft.com. and search for Microsoft Windows Installer. In the search page I scroll down and found my match. In the download page, I choose WindowsXP-KB942288-v3-x86.exe (3.2MB) and start downloading.

After downloading I install the update patch. Then I started to install Windows Live Installer again without any error. I am not sure that .NET runtime environment is required or not for this.