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Gynae-Obs department is like a nightmare!

As a last part of My Internship @ Dhaka Medical College Hospital, I supposed to join Gynae-Obs department few weeks back. For joining any department there has some formalities like, official order, application to HOD (Head of the Department), Acknowledge to CA (Clinical Assistant) or AR (Assistant Registrar) etc. After completing Surgery, I went to the Department to join along with my colleagues.

Here starts the story. I was ordered to join in MAT-III unit of Gynae-Obs department. With all the official orders I knocked at the HOD room. But there is no answer. No body is there. All female doctors of other units are running here and there. I asked one of them for help to find My AR. But she can’t help and advice me to go ward-16. I went there. My nightmare starts here. Ward is full of female patients with more than double of the bed. Female doctors are very busy and running from desk to bed, bed to desk. There is only a few Male doctors there who are writing discharge certificate on the Desk and I who is standing like a pillar.

I asked one of the Doctors how to find MAT-III AR or any contact number of Her. Nobody can help instead requested me to go Ward-17. Its a labor Ward in 2nd floor. I went there and found nobody of MAT-III. Someone asked to go MAT-III room on Ward-17. But the room was locked. What should I do now? Start exploring the Labor room, OT. Patients attendants are asked me about the conditions of the patients as they thought I am the Duty Doctor. At last, I found a doctor of MAT-III. Said I am looking for the AR. He told me to go Ward-16. It is on the ground floor. In the mean time, 2 hours have gone. I feel little tired and went to Doctors Cafeteria for refreshment.

Then I went to Ward-16 and not found my AR. Can anybody give me the contact number of my AR??? I want to join here. Again searched for my Professor but the room is empty. What should I do? Where do I go? DMCH is not a small place and is hard to find anyone here.

Someone told me to go the OT complex or Ward-33,34. I went there but can’t find any of them. I could not join that day. On the next day exactly same things happened. The following day I was caught common cold and fever. After that EID holiday.

After that I went there again with the hope of joining. But I failed. I know, after joining I have to explain why I am so late. But I can’t told them that I can’t find any of them. Is this only happened to me? No.. Most of the male doctors faced this situation as I know.

Today I also tried to join. Again Failed. Hope I can join there soon.