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What a customer support!

Earlier today I requested a hosting support via live chat. I downloaded one of the template of them and trying to unzip in local pc. But I got error. Downloaded another, again error. Another… again error. so I requested them for support. Bellow is the transcript of our chat. Please read carefully and comment this post.

(05:37:31 PM) System: There are currently 0 people in front of you and 56 chat technicians assisting customers.
(05:37:44 PM) R***** M***: has entered the chat.
(05:37:46 PM) R***** M***: Welcome to ****** live chat. My name is Raymond. I am happy to assist you with your hosting needs.
(05:37:54 PM) kibria: hi
(05:38:42 PM) kibria: i can’t unzip your temple zip file. it shows error. I tried several times & several templates
(05:38:46 PM) kibria: any idea?
(05:39:15 PM) R***** M***: May I have the primary domain name on the account please?’
(05:39:23 PM) kibria: m*******d.com
(05:40:12 PM) R***** M***: Which folder is the tar file in?
(05:41:00 PM) kibria: i download your template.. in zip format.. but can’t unzip
(05:41:48 PM) kibria: it’s not a folder under my account.. its the template that you provide in cpanel
(05:42:01 PM) R***** M***: You have the template in your local hard drive?
(05:42:16 PM) kibria: yes and can’t unzip
(05:43:13 PM) kibria: i have tried several templates but failed.
(05:43:35 PM) kibria: error shows the zip file is corrupt
(05:43:38 PM) R***** M***: Do you have a compression program on your computer?
(05:43:54 PM) R***** M***: It isn’t a problem with the zipped file, but rather a problem with your computer not knowing what to do with it.
(05:44:03 PM) R***** M***: You can upload the template to your server and unzip it there.
(05:44:43 PM) kibria: there are other zip files that are working just fine
(05:44:52 PM) kibria: except yours
(05:45:19 PM) R***** M***: You are unzipping PHP files.
(05:45:25 PM) R***** M***: Do you have PHP installed on your local computer?
(05:45:45 PM) kibria: i think you don’t understand the problem at all
(05:45:57 PM) kibria: why you said about php?
(05:46:16 PM) kibria: said the zip files are not unzipped and getting error
(05:46:20 PM) R***** M***: Kibria, can you please help me help you by uploading the tempplate to the server?
(05:49:37 PM) kibria: uploading the zip file..
(05:53:08 PM) R***** M***: Thank you.
(06:01:18 PM) kibria: here is the file url http://www.*******.com/2541.zip
(06:05:17 PM) R***** M***: I see that. Thank you.
(06:05:28 PM) R***** M***: This may take me a few moments to troubleshoot.
(06:05:48 PM) kibria: ok
(06:05:53 PM) kibria: i am waiting
(06:12:07 PM) R***** M***: What is your cPanel password, please?
(06:12:22 PM) R***** M***: I am uploading another template by the original 2541 name to the server.
(06:12:54 PM) kibria: cpanel pass: **********
(06:17:43 PM) R***** M***: I have ulaoded the file to the server.
(06:17:51 PM) R***** M***: Now I am unzipping the template.
(06:18:02 PM) kibria: wait
(06:19:01 PM) kibria: do not unzip there.
(06:19:31 PM) kibria: that the file size that u uploaded is >10mb & mine is 3.5 mb
(06:19:51 PM) R***** M***: Where would you like it unzipped?
(06:20:13 PM) kibria: did you delete index.php there?
(06:20:49 PM) R***** M***: It looks like I did.
(06:20:52 PM) R***** M***: I can put it back.
(06:22:32 PM) kibria: I think I understand the problem.. my downloaded file is only 3.5 and thus it shows corrupt while trying to unzip in local pc. but your file seems to be > 10 mb
(06:26:03 PM) kibria: do not delete any files there anymore please.
(06:26:11 PM) R***** M***: I certainly will not,.
(06:27:39 PM) kibria: so whats ur solution to my problem?
(06:29:53 PM) R***** M***: I am restoring your index file at the moment.
(06:30:09 PM) R***** M***: Then I will unzip the template to the proper directory.
(06:30:19 PM) kibria: leave it.
(06:30:19 PM) R***** M***: Did you change the name of the template when you downloaded it?
(06:30:38 PM) kibria: i can do upload in unzip in the server.
(06:30:40 PM) R***** M***: Because mine downloaded and saved by a much different file name by default.
(06:30:58 PM) kibria: That is i am saying.
(06:31:02 PM) R***** M***: It is already uploaded to the /public_html/*****.com folder.
(06:31:09 PM) R***** M***: HG_2541_36346.zip
(06:31:29 PM) kibria: i can see that
(06:31:37 PM) R***** M***: So you don’t have to upload.
(06:31:55 PM) kibria: please just listen to me
(06:32:16 PM) R***** M***: I Am all ears.
(06:33:59 PM) kibria: i think you are not listening me. you dont have to upload/unzip the file at the server. I downloaded the file from your website template in cpanel and never renamed. ok
(06:35:29 PM) R***** M***: I went to http://templates.*********.com and searched “2541” then downloaded it with your cPanel username and password.
(06:35:41 PM) R***** M***: I got a different file name by default, so the results made me inquire.
(06:36:02 PM) kibria: so that means the link in your cpanel is invalid?
(06:36:50 PM) R***** M***: When you click that link, which URL is displayedon the following page?
(06:37:22 PM) kibria: https://**533.*******.com:2083/frontend/x3/tmpl/
(06:38:43 PM) kibria: ok I got my answer.
(06:38:51 PM) kibria: thank you very much
(06:39:02 PM) R***** M***: You are most welcome.

After that I saw he/she restored the deleted index.php file but corrupted. I uploaded a fresh index.php again.

I am very much disappointed about their support.