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Qubee WiMAX, My review

Qubee WiMAX internet is the fast & reliable Internet connectivity for Bangladesh according to them. I know you are planning to upgrade your Internet connection to something more speedy with uninterrupted service. Do you think about Qubee?

I am using Qubee for 2 months with 256 kbps & Gigaset Modem. Unfortunately I have to call several days to their sales/customer care to get connected. At last Engineer came and setup my modem. He said at 256 kbps package I will get download speed from 25 KB/s – 30 KB/s as it is a shared line. What is the upload speed?  Upload is 1/4 th of the download speed. In my case 8 KB/s. Hmm.. 8 KB/s is definitely low in compare to my previous connection, 20 KB/s Up & 16 KB/s Down.

In the meantime, I got access to their billing & support portal and when I logged in I saw My Name was misspelled. Very annoying. I opened a ticket to correct my name. After 3/4 days when I logged again, I saw my name was exactly at it was. They haven’t reply my ticket. After 1 month use I got bill and alas! My address was also misspelled. Then I become confused. I rechecked my registration form and saw there was no error. That means I am ok. When I went to pay the bill at Multiplan center, I requested to correct my address again. After someday I again logged in and realize they haven’t done anything. I opened a ticket again. They, at last correct my name & address.

Yes, their service is much more stable. But, Google servers are seems to be angry to Qubee users. I got waiting…./Connection time out problem while using Google services. You probably know, all the services of Google are authenticated by google.com domain and therefore I have to wait & wait & again refresh the browser to continue. Still I am facing the problem. I informed them. but no improvement.

Upload is horrible. I got 3-4 KB/s only! I informed them via ticket. but they didn’t answer and I saw the ticket was gone from their support panel. I don’t understand. Uploading a 30MB video in youtube, tooks 130 mins! Can you imagine?

Download is fine. I am getting almost what they said. Sometimes I noticed while downloading, it stops suddenly. Pause & Resuming solves the problem. Most Torrents are supported.

Network coverage & strength is Good here at Dr. Milon Internee Hostel. Most of the time I got full reception but sometimes it remains half.

About the bill? You probably heard that Qubee is not for most the people because of its high billing rate in compare to the similar company. I know they will not reduce the bill but hope they will increase the speed and upload will be at normal level (50% ?).

So here is the summery…

Qubee service is more stable, upload is far far down bellow satisfactory, download is quite good, customer service via ticket system is lazy. And of course you have to pay much higher to get all these remixed service.