About Me

Hallo! My name is Kibria, and working as a software developer in Munich, Germany.

I can create software (from idea to deployment) that actually works!

My Skills

Web Application Development

  • Language: Javascript, Typescript, PHP
  • Frontend: Vue.JS (options and composition API), Vuex/Pinia, React.JS (functional) with context API, Svelte
  • Backend: Node.JS (express, AdonisJS), Laravel
  • Metaframeworks: NuxtJS (2 and 3), NextJS
  • Database: MySQL, SQLite, and PostgreSQL
  • REST API development

Data Analysis

  • R and RStudio


  • Docker
  • Working knowledge of deployment with Neilify, Vercel, and Cloudflare pages.
  • Working knowledge of CD/CI using Github actions, and Bamboo
  • Familiar with Amazon AWS and Oracle Cloud
  • Linux server management - SSH, aaPanel, cPanel, WHM

Version Control

  • Git, GitHub, and Bitbucket

Agile Methodology

  • Working knowledge of Agile software development (SCRUM), JIRA, Confluence

Personal Analysis

My Biggest strength is: I have knowledge of Human Medicine, Software Development, Medical Informatics, and Research.
  • Strength: Patience, hard-working, problem-solving, self-learner, ability to learn new tech quickly, respect for others.
  • Weakness: Cannot talk too much, highly introverted, a little bit lazy.
  • Hobbies: Play guitar, and watch movies.

And My Motto

No harm to anyone by any means. Less or no talk, work more. Learn from everyone and everything.