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Gods Must Be Crazy

I have seen several times this movie, Gods Must Be Crazy. Among the 3 parts, 1&2 are very nice and must seen. This film (part 1) is the collision of three different stories – the journey of Xi to the end of the earth to destroy a Coca-Cola bottle, the romance between a bumbling scientist and a schoolteacher, and a band of guerrillas on the run.

Xi is an excellent charecter of innocence, polite, familial lived in deep kalahari. He and his family members lived in such a place where there is devoid of water for most of the year. They were happy and having no jelousy with their members until a coca-cola bottle suddenly arrive to them from the sky. Xi found that this bottle is the most evil thing that God send them ever. For this bottle jelousy and cruelty developed among his family members. So he decided to through that bottle to the end of earth. Then his journey begins. Andrew Steyn, a biologist who studied in local animals, is also a funny charecter.

Kate Thompson was hired as a school teacher who was received by Andrew form the bus station with his Land Rover. The funny things happened when the Rover stoped running in the middle of jungle. Some guerrillas led by Sam Boga, who are being pursued by government troops become engaged with Kate thomson, Andrew and Xi after several incedents. Some interesting points of this movie:

  • Rhino is a natural fire prevention officer
  • Hyena attacks only those creatures that is short to his height (in part 2)
  • To guerrilla in Sam Boga team always play cards..
  • Xi and his familly pray their God before killing animals for meals
  • Andrew who become nervous specially while talking with women

So this movie is a must seen. Enjoy your movie times.