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OpenDNS saved my life.

“Oh my God! my site is down? I visited my site only 5 minutes ago and it's down?”

— No actually it's up and running fine. So why my domain is not resolved? There must be a DNS cache problem or something.

-- “Hello, I am Kibria and I am using your Internet. There is a problem related to your DNS servers. My domain is not resolved properly.”

-- “Ok please hold on. Yes, I am transferring you to our DNS admin.”

-- “Hi I am Haisb, a Senior DNS admin. How can I help you?”

-- “One of my domains is not resolving properly. Can you flush your DNS for me?”

-- “I am really sorry Sir but I can’t flush DNS right Now. It's now on schedule.”

This kind of problem happened almost regularly with my ISP until I switched to OpenDNS. In here Bangladesh, there are few ISP that can understand this matter. They answer like an Idiot in reply to such a situation. I switched to OpenDNS and now all the problem is gone. I am really happy and very much satisfied with their Service.

So what actually OpenDNS is?

OpenDNS is a free service that works for networks of all sizes, from home networks to K-12 schools, SMBs, and large enterprises.

Here are just a few reasons millions of people have already made the switch:


  • Industry-leading anti-phishing protects everyone on your network from fraudulent phishing scams.
  • Award-winning Web content filtering gives you the power to block up to 50 categories of content.
  • Detailed statistics empower you to understand your network traffic and spot trends before they become problems.


  • A globally distributed network makes Web sites load noticeably faster on your network.
  • Anycast routing technology makes your Internet more reliable, freeing you of intermittent outages.


  • Browser Shortcuts let your users map a short-term to a long URL via the address bar.
  • Typo correction auto-corrects the most common typos in top-level domains.
  • OpenDNS Guide provides helpful search results when your users try to visit a Web site that isn’t resolving.

How can I use OpenDNS?

It depends actually where you implement this. There are 3 ways to use OpenDNS – Computers, Routers, and DNS Servers.

What is the Nameserver?

Nameservers are and