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How to choose the best web host?

Sometimes we need a hosting provider to host our website or web apps. Now a days you will find tons of hosting companies with attractive offers. But how to choose the best among them? Well, choosing the best host is an important factor in your web presence. Let's see how we can evaluate a host.

You can research the following factors before selecting any web host.

  • Uptime guaranty
  • Server technology
  • Datacenter facility
  • Support methods & response time
  • Terms of service
  • Review, reputation & online presence

Do not confuse the marketing term: “Unlimited” features because everything is limited in this world.

If your OS is Unix, try to host your site with a “Cloud Linux” environment. In this environment shared hosting accounts can be limited to a certain resource limit. For excessive usage of server resources by individual accounts, the whole server will not go offline anymore.