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SBA Quiz

SBA Quiz

A hobby project to exercise the react knowledge with context API.

App has the following features so far...

  • User registration, login, password reset
  • Browsing the public quiz
  • Browsing and filtering quizzes in quiz admin
  • Quiz CRUD (todo), Quiz play (todo), etc.

Technology Used

  • Frontend: React.Js, Bulma, CSS, HTML
  • Backend: Directus
  • Database: MySQL

What I did

For the frontend, I created react UI using Bulma CSS framework, custom Notification context API, written various custom react hooks for Axios client, user authentication, quiz admin, etc.

For the backend, I used Directus where I modeled all the databases tables. Directus has a js client but I have used the REST interface. Also configured authorization permission there. To learn more about Directus, click here.

Project URL: https://sba-quiz-frontend-react.pages.dev/

Source code: https://github.com/gkibria/sba_quiz_frontend_react