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Why do I have so many questions in my mind?

Every time I am appointed to a certain task or do not understand something, my mind always starts to burst a lot of questions. This creates a lot of trouble for me. I cannot escape any question. I noticed that my habit of mind annoys a lot of people. Am I a sick person? Why I have so much curiosity?

My mother told me when I was a kid, I used to ask tons of questions related to everything around me and sometimes she was tired and angry to answer my questions.

When I was a boy my mind began to change. It became interest specific. It then starts to fire questions related to it’s interest, ignoring all the others.

When I was studying at high school, I was completely mad about learning science especially chemistry and biology. But not always happy as I could not find the answer to the questions thrown by my mind.

I would like to share one story of my high school life. At that time I was at class 6 @ Monipur High School, Dhaka. My classroom was in a tin shed building at the opposite of main building. Between the buildings, there was a busy road. My shift was at noon and morning shift was for girls. At the end of the morning shift, the road was almost obstructed with a lot of traffic. One day, It was a social science class. My class teacher was a big man. He gave us a home work of topics related to world war. Almost everybody in my class was good at memorizing things. On that day I was asked to say details about war. I do not like memorizing thing rather understanding. I fail to answer exactly how its written on the book. He gave me a warning and that was the next day I have to vomit exactly the same thing as written. If not he will give me a punishment that I will never forget in my life. I was scared. At home, I tried at my best to memorize all the things. But I was failed. As a consequence, still, I can remember that punishment. After that day I began to hate memorizing things rather starting a proper way of learning things.

At that time there was a picture in my science book about how scientist solves problems. It was a man with lots of question symbol around him and a flow chart. I really don’t understand anything at that time about the picture but always curious about the process. I asked my teacher about the process and he said: “you don’t have to understand everything, just memorize it and try to draw it exactly in the exam, that’s all.” I was upset. If Google was there at that time I can easily satisfy myself. But I had no other choices. I asked my classmates about my questions, they always ignored me. So basically I had no friends at all in the school. Introverted personality took the upper hand.

I do not have friends in my area either. because there was no one at my age where I lived. So all my times were involved with my study, questions, thinking, science and music.

From the high school level, I always try to understand the facts, the core, the basic, the fundamental things first before proceeding to further. If I stuck somewhere, I cannot go further without the proper answer.

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