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The Golden 2 years of my life!

After completing the high school, I went to Notre Dame College, Dhaka for my higher secondary education. In this post I will tell you about the golden moments of my life. This is a part 2 of a series of my life. You will find part 1 here.

I spend 2 busy years there. Everything was so tight and strict that at first I had to do a lot of modifications of my lifestyle. Every day class was started at sharp 8 am. 8 means 8. Every week I had to appear 2/3 quiz exams which started sharp 7:30 am. My house was at the other end of Dhaka city. So I had to wake up 5:30 am. Then Mirpur-1 to Motijheel by bus. Motijheel to college by walking. College central bell showed us the day at 8 am. The sound was so interesting that even today I love to hear the sound. Everything was so systemically maintained there that I begin to feel proud and lucky.

I learned a lot of interesting things there. There was a rule that students will not wait more than 10 mins for teachers. After 10 mins they are free to go anywhere. Very interesting idea! Everybody should be punctual.
Teaching stuff was amazing. They are also interesting. Most of them used unique techniques to deliver the actual facts. Their main moto was to understand not memorizing. They were freely accessible anytime regarding any questions not only in study, anything. Each of them had unique funny identity too. (Notredemian? Remember Jahangir Sir, Bidda Sagar Sir, Bonik Sir, Clara Madam, Terence Pinero?)
Another thing was attendance and seat planning. I was in group-1 and total student was 150. Each student had individual seat marking which rotate every week depending on the class attendance. Higher the attendance, seat was in front and vice versa. We sometimes used to take advantage of this. Carefully absent means seat will go to back and you know back bench is good for doing innovative things! Seriously, at back bench, I had some dude who is now famous in our country. Someone is famous singer and actor, someone is great business man, and other is great professor and scientist. They probably forgot me but I have my memories still today.

Another interesting place was our canteen. Our recess hour was only for 15 mins. Canteen was too small and there was no seating place, only standing. Idea behind this is canteen is not a place for gossip, just come, take food with serial, eat as early as possible and go away!

Every week we had to do several lab works of different subjects – physics, chemistry and biology. Each lab was like a depot of learning resources. Each and every instrument was there and we had to use almost everything. Every day each of us was assigned a practical work and we had to complete it on that day. Failure to complete means next week 2 practical works in same time. They called it makeup. How many makeup you can do in one class? 1, 2, 3? Teachers and lab brothers, assistants were so much skilled and experienced that if someone concentrates, there will be no makeup at all. Lab brothers were ex students of this college. Any ex students can apply for the post and was selected based on their performance. I was a lab brother of Biology lab after completing college. I had a very nice time and memories of those days even today I become nostalgic!