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Mx of Diabetes Mellitus

An android app for healthcare provider

Concept & developed by:
Dr. Mohammad Golam Kibria

Brief description:

Mx of Diabetes Mellitus app is designed for General Practitioners of Bangladesh. Diabetes Mellitus is now one of the most threaten non-communicable diseases globally. Bangladesh is one of the most populous regions in the world and nearly one-fifth of all adult diabetics live in this region. Diabetes mellitus is a chronic and debilitating disease and is associated with a range of complications (eg. Coronary artery disease, stroke, blindness, renal failure, lower limb amputation etc) if left untreated. Nearly 50% of the cases remain undiagnosed.

Diabetes Mellitus is a metabolic disorder due to absolute or relative lack of insulin. Hence hyperglycemia is a hallmark of the disease. The classification, treatment initiation, follow-ups all require blood glucose estimation and correct interpretation.

This app will help

  • To diagnose and label a patient as diabetic accurately in GP settings
  • To start treatment or follow-up by treatment algorithm provided by BIRDEM
  • To select appropriate drug or insulin by detailed information
  • To calculate Daily calorie requirement for patients
  • To calculate Insulin dose
  • To educate the patients in OPD settings

Features with screenshot

Welcome Screen
App Menu

Diagnose patient as a diabetic
Correctly interpret the blood glucose value of RBS, FBS, OGTT and HbA1c before labeled a patient as a diabetic!
Initiate treatment if Diabetic
Start treatment by algorithm based on FBS and HbA1c value…
Followup Algorithm
Change the pattern of treatment based on HbA1c value…
Calculate daily calorie requirement
Easily prescribe daily dietary calorie based on height, weight and activity level…
Exercise note is essential
Prescribe exercise note and educate your patient how to warm up and cool down…
Choose Appropriate OADs
Confirm starting dose, maximum dose, advantage, disadvantage, failure of Oral Anti-Diabetic Drugs…
Drug Information
View detailed Oral Anti Diabetic drug information like starting dose, maximum dose, hazards etc.
Choose Appropriate Insulin
Confirm duration of action, advantage, disadvantage of Different Insulin…
Learn the Insulin Therapy
Consult indications, regimens, dose, site of injection of Insulin and quickly calculate Insulin doses…
Insulin dose caculator
Calculate morning and evening dose of insulin breakdown by short and long acting etc.

Uniqueness of the idea

Different blood glucose values, interpretation, drug and insulin information should not be memorized rather accurate in management of diabetes mellitus.

Install the application

Open Google Play app store in your mobile and search “Diabetes Mx” or visit this URL from computer.

Video tutorial

For details video tutorial, please visit this link. 

Benefits for healthcare provider

By using this app, as a healthcare provider, you can
  • Correctly diagnose and label a patient as diabetic or pre-diabetic state in GP settings
  • Start treatment or follow-up by treatment algorithm provided by BIRDEM
  • Select appropriate drug or insulin by detailed information
  • Calculate Daily calorie requirement for patients
  • Calculate Insulin dose
  • Educate the patients in OPD settings

Benefits for human society

The people of Bangladesh receive benefits indirectly. When the healthcare providers accurately manage the diabetic patients, human society will enjoy healthy life and prevent further diabetic complications.

Investment and profit

This app was build for not profit but welcome any donation.

Real user experience

Please visit the app store to show user comments and reviews. You can post your comments there.

Impact of social life

Impact may be- lower the incidence of complications of diabetic patients, increase physician and patient compliance of diabetic treatment and management.

Source of funding


Future Plan

In near future you may enjoy some other features:
  • Include drug and insulin brand name
  • Complications of DM
  • DM in young and old age
  • Gestational DM
  • Prevention of DM

Contact Information

For any kind of query, please contact
Dr. Mohammad Golam Kibria,
Chief Medical Officer,
Rx71 Limited.
Email: kibria at medicbd.com
Web: www.gkibria.com