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Cross sectional study: strength, direction of inquiry

Direction of study: 

Exposure and outcome at the same time.

Strength of association:  

Strength of association in cross-sectional study is weak.

Cross sectional study is popular study because:

  • Easy to conduct: Readiness and easily it can conducted
  • Simple: Simple in terms of design, calculation & conduct.
  • Time: It can be done very quickly
  • Suitable for problem identification and study cases outbreak
  • Cheap: It is cheapest type of analytical study.
  • It gives idea about disease prevalence.
  • It can give idea or hypothesis about exposure-effect relationship

Cross sectional study is a weak analytical study because:

  • We cannot come to the conclusion about disease epidemiology
  • We cannot follow-up the cases
  • It has very poor analytical power.
  • Lack of temorality: Since exposure & outcome are measured at the same point of time, so it is not possible to establish temporality.
  • Does not establish direct estimation of risk.
  • Here is no incidence and no population at risk.