About Me

Hallo! My name is Kibria, currently living in Germany. I love coding, whether it is a web app development or data science project, I am pretty comfortable! Let me tell you my brief bio.

I did my Bachelor in Medicine & Surgery (MBBS) in Bangladesh. [Yep! I am a physician :)] When I was studying in the medical school, due to my passion for information technology, I learned several programming languages (PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript etc) for myself to build web-based applications. I also developed some software for doctors in Bangladesh. I was a lecturer of Pharmacology in a Medical College hospital in Bangladesh and have experiences in Public health and research while working in icddr,b in several projects. I worked in a digital health project of Bangladesh named Rx71 which was a 360-degree health solution for digitalization of health sector. For the past 2 years, I also started working on my own project which is an e-health platform named MedicBD. My vision was to give Bangladeshi physician (most of them using paper-based prescription) a localized flavor of cloud EMR (I named it Prescriber) which will be integrated with a patient portal called ValoThaki. I myself developed all these things and then came to Germany for further study. Now I am studying in Master of Medical Informatics at European Campus, Rottal-Inn of the Technical University of Deggendorf. In the last semester, as a coursework, I also developed a store-and-forward physician-to-physician telemedicine module (I named it Expert-Consult) which will be a part of EMR system. You can see a prototype demonstration here. I was also a tutor of Medical Statistics in my university where I was helping students to learn R-software with medical statistics.

I am a self-learner, self-motivated, hardworking, honest, good at decision making, problem-solving, always happy to help my teammates and never stopped learning.

Now I am looking for an internship or suitable position to gain more in-depth practical knowledge and experiences in healthcare informatics.

My Skill Sets

  • Server-side Language: PHP and Laravel
  • Client-side: Javascript (vanilla, jQuery, VueJs)
  • SQL  (Structured Query Language)
  • Database: MySQL, SQLite
  • Data analysis: R and RStudio
  • Version control: Git
  • NoSQL database: mongoDB, CouchDB, PouchDB – Basic idea
  • Linux Environment – Ubuntu
  • API development – working experience
  • WordPress – Content management, Theme and Plugin development experience since 2008
  • Server Management – SSH, EasyEngine, WHM
  • Other languages – C# (Basic), Java (Basic)
  • Familiar with different IDE, SCRUM, Photoshop, Node, Express, Gulp, Webpack, ES6 etc.

Personal Info

  • Hobbies: Play guitar, traveling, helping people, surfing the internet.
  • Strength: Patience, hard working, problem-solving, self-learner, respect others.
  • Weakness: Cannot talk too much, highly introverted, a little bit lazy.

And My Motto…

No harm to anyone by any means. Less or no talk, work more. Learn from everyone and everything.