About Me

I started my web development journey back in 2005 using HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL
when working as a chief technical officer in a web hosting company in Bangladesh named
WebHostBD. I worked there for 5 years and learned a lot about frontend and backend development, linux
environment, server management and various project management skills. Then I had to quit my job
to finish my medical school education. As I am passionate about web development, after being a
doctor, I always tried to upgrade myself with the latest technology on web development. I am a self
learner, self motivated, hard working, honest, good at decision making, problem solving, always
happy to help my teammates and never stopped learning.

My Skill Sets

  • HTML, CSS, Javascript (vanilla) – 15 years
  • Bootstrap css framework – since version 2
  • Jquery – 8 years
  • PHP, MySQL – 15 years
  • AngularJs – 2 years
  • Laravel – 2 years,
  • CakePHP – 5 years
  • Ionic framework – 2 years
  • Git – more than 1 years
  • VueJs – 3 months
  • mongoDB, CouchDB, PouchDB – Basic idea
  • Linux Environment – 10 years
  • API development – some working experience
  • Customer support – WHMCS, Kayako
  • Server Management – SSH, EasyEngine, WHM
  • Low level language – C# (Basic), Java (Basic)
  • Familiar with different IDE, SCRUM, Photoshop, Node, Express, Gulp, Webpack, ES6 etc.

Personal Info

  • Hobbies: Play guitar, travelling, helping people, surfing internet.
  • Strength: Patience, hard working, problem solving, self learner, respect others.
  • Weakness: Cannot talk too much, highly introverted, a little bit lazy.

And My Motto…

No harm to anyone by any means. Less or no talk, work more. Learn from everyone and everything.